Thomas Christensen Blomseth

Gustav From

Linda Hogle

Mikko Lehtovirta
Stine Lomborg, Associate Professor in Communication and IT at the University of Copenhagen. She holds a PhD in Media Studies from Aarhus University. Her research centers on how people live and communicate through digital media. Her current research explores self-tracking in the context of personal life, working life and in key welfare institutions such as the public health care system in Denmark.

Johan Lundin

Päivi Metsäniemi, MD, is a specialist of public health medicine and has a special competence degree in healthcare technology. She works now as Chief Medical Officer in Finnish Student Health Services (FSHS). She is enthusiastic about measuring and improving healthcare outcomes, developing the work processes, digital tools and working environment for physicians and other healthcare professionals. The digitalization of healthcare with all its benefits and challenges are the core of Päivi’s own working life, as she has implemented virtual doctor's appointment processes, created models for using everyday healthcare data in clinical leadeship and innovated and implemented a customer-centric digital health plan.

Kristiina Patja

Michael Quarshie
Sara Riggare, MSc, PhD cand, is an engineer from the Swedish Royal Institute of Technology currently finalising her doctoral education at Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm, Sweden. Seven years ago she decided that she wanted to combine her training with her patient experiences to work to improve the healthcare situation for herself and others with chronic diseases. Sara’s work and research at the Health Informatics Centre is focused around different aspects of patients’ perspectives in healthcare and research. She explores how patients can learn from their own observations, grounded in her own experiences with managing Parkinson’s disease for over 30 years. Sara is one of the leading self-trackers of Parkinson’s disease in the world.

Natasha Dow Schüll

Tamar Sharon

Gary Wolf