Welcome to the XXVI Symposium of Signe and Ane Gyllenberg Foundation

The Signe and Ane Gyllenberg foundation is one of the leading private foundations supporting medical research in Finland. It mainly supports research in psychosomatic medicine, but also other fields of medicine. Furthermore, the foundation owns a renowned art collection. Our main objective is to foster a discussion on the inter-relationships between body and mind. As part of this objective the foundation has organized biannual high standard international scientific symposia. More information about the foundation can be found on www.gyllenbergs.fi.

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The purpose of the symposium is to give an overview of such developments with a particular emphasis on emerging clinical and self-care practices. Critical observers have listed new harms connected to digital health developments, such as individualization and commercialization of health, and possible discrimination by means of algorithmic systems. The more positive potentials are typically associated with new organizational models and improved health services. Instead of gravitating towards either the negative or the positive, the symposium aims at informed and practical accounts of how transformations in the health field shape clinical and everyday practices and consequently the doctor-patient relationship. The goal is to introduce the audience to the latest research on the topic, bearing in mind that it is impossible to accurately predict the details of future health, or the societal role and impact that they will have. Yet, it is possible to outline some of the more obvious developments and introduce the work of professionals, who are building new kinds of health initiatives and taking advantage of new digital infrastructures and self-care technologies, in this rapidly changing field. The audience will learn, for instance, how automation shapes the work practices of physicians and about the principles of self-tracking and how it may be used for personal health and learning, know more about the global Quantified Self community and what the future of digital health may look like.

The invited speakers are Tamar Sharon, Johan Lundin, Natasha Dow Schull, Linda Hogle, Stine Lomborg, Gustav From, Mikko Lehtovirta, Michael Quarshie, Sara Riggare, Thomas Blomseth Christensen and Gary Wolf.

We look forward to seeing you in Hanasaari!

Per-Henrik Groop
Chairman of the Board Professor in internal medicine
Jannica Fagerholm
Managing Director