Welcome to the XXVI Symposium of Signe and Ane Gyllenberg Foundation

The Signe and Ane Gyllenberg Foundation is one of the leading private foundations supporting medical research in Finland. It mainly supports research in psychosomatic medicine, but also other fields of medicine. Furthermore, the foundation owns a renowned art collection. Our main objective is to foster a discussion on the inter-relationships between body and mind. As part of this objective the foundation has organized biannual high standard international scientific symposia. More information about the foundation can be found on www.gyllenbergs.fi.

The symposium is organized in collaboration with the Tekniska Föreningens i Finland Foundation. TfiF Foundation’s mission is to support the technological sciences, the industry as well as the positive development of architecture among Swedish speaking engineers and architects. The Foundation achieves this by providing financial and cultural support. TfiF Foundation also supports education, research as well as other activities that are in line with the Foundation’s vision.

New digital technologies challenge the definition and practice of medicine. Health apps, health-related social media communities and self-tracking devices have become ubiquitous. Big data and data-driven research raise much-debated questions about data ownership and ethics. What are the risks and possibilities in this emerging field of health? How do medicine and technology meet and merge in doctor’s daily work?

The “Rethinking Health Care: techniques, challenges and ways forward” symposium brings together researchers, medical practitioners and engineers to discuss how new digital technology affects the future of healthcare. Our internationally acclaimed speakers will cover questions on AI, self-tracking and health data. The aim is to generate new insights into the development and practical implementation of health technology and its impact on the patient-doctor relationship.

The invited speakers are

  • Johan Lundin
  • Linda Hogle
  • Tamar Sharon
  • Päivi Metsäniemi
  • Natasha Dow Schüll
  • Gustav From
  • Stine Lomborg
  • Kristiina Patja
  • Michael Quarshie
  • Mikko Lehtovirta
  • Thomas Blomseth Christensen
  • Sara Riggare
  • Gary Wolf

We look forward to seeing you in Hanasaari!