Groups & guided tours

Groups and tours

Groups can visit the museum both during and outside the opening hours. 

You can book a private tour for your group by e-mailing villa(at) or by phoning 09-647390 (Mon-Fri 9 am-4 pm). 

Price list

Monday to Friday: 70 €/group
Week-ends: 100 €/group
School and student groups: 40 €/group
Additional guide: 50 €
Additional hour (if the stay is longer than 2 h): 50 €

The maximum amount of persons per group is 40 pax. We need another guide if the group includes more than 40 persons, which costs 50 €.

We will charge 50 € per extra hour if a group that visits the museum outside the opening hours wishes to stay more than 2 hours at the museum. 

The maximum amount of pupils aged 10-18 years is 30 pupils/group, and 15 pupils/group for children under 10 years.  

Free admission for group leaders. 

Café Signe

There's a small café in the museum, and you are welcome to book coffee and refreshments for your group via e-mail villa(at) or phone 09-647390 (Mon-Fri 9 am-4 pm).

Villa Gyllenberg opening hours

Wed 15-19
Sat 11-15
Sun 12-16

Group bookings by e-mail

Closed on Midsummer 23-24.6.2018

Admission fee
Adults 10 €
Reduced admission (pensioners and students) 8 €
Children under 18 years 0 €
With the Museum Card
Public transport
Buses 551, 552. NB! Public transport to Kuusisaari changed on 3.1.2018. Learn more on the page Visit Villa Gyllenberg.