The Foundation supports medical research work by providing grants for research in the fields of psychosomatics and blood diseases. It also supports anthroposophical medical research as signified by Rudolf Steiner, augmenting the existing knowledge about people’s mental, spiritual, and physical structure and its influence on the human being as a whole. Grants are also given for professional training and special projects in this field, as well as for the publishing of related literature.

Medical knowledge and networking in the medical specialities mentioned above are also promoted by the Foundation in the form of regularly arranged medical symposia.

With respect to Villa Gyllenberg, the objective is not only to increase the visitors’ interest in Signe and Ane Gyllenberg’s art collection, but also in their lives and achievements. The couple’s own pieces of art are on permanent display, and thematic exhibitions on current topics are also arranged. The exhibitions are promoted by the Foundation’s own staff or through collaboration with other museums or foundations. The museum is a perfect venue for concerts, lectures, and other cultural events and workshops.

The Foundation thus endeavors to enhance the meaning of culture and spirituality in society. For example, through its activities, Villa Gyllenberg offers audiences a meeting place for experiences, mindfulness, and dialogues.