Recent symposiums

Symposiums are a way to achieve the objective of the foundation. Since 1972 the foundation has organized symposiums with a theme that sits in the medical sector supported by the scholarships of the foundation. An art symposium was arranged in 2020.

Since year 2000 the symposiums have had interdisciplinary themes that have led to interesting dialogues between different scientific approaches. The invited lecturers have come from all over the world and have with their research enriched the Finnish level of medicine. The foundation has organized the following symposiums:

2020 Viisas taide, avoin mieli? Taiteen ja esoteerisuuden kohtaamisia

2019 Rethinking Health Care: techniques, challenges and ways forward

2017 Childbearing, Parenthood and outcomes of Children - An interplay between psychological and biological factors

2015 Tulevaisuuden ihminen

2014 Memory – From neurobiological underpinnings to reminiscences in culture

2009 The many aspects of sleep

2007 Music meets medicine

2005 Time – the impact on body and soul

2003 Psyche, soma and pain

2001 The many faces of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

2000 Philosophy meets medicine 1999 Psychosomatic cardiology

1998 Research in anthroposofic medicine

1997 -98 Postgraduate course in psychosomatic medicine and research (four times 2-days symposiums)

1997 Anthroposophic music and singing therapy 1995 Symposium on the environmental syndrome – psychosomatic disease experience induced by environmental factors

1992 Symposium on psychoneuroimmunology and Autoimmunity

1991 Symposium Konstnärlig Terapi 1990 Psychosomatics – a Challenge to health care

1989 Symposium on dermatological psychosomatics

1988 Eurytmi – Eurytmia – Eurythmie Symposium

1987 Symposium on infant care: A good start for mental health

1985 Symposium on stress and psychosomatics

1980 Psychsomatic factors in chronic illnesses symposium

1978 Neuroendocrine symposium 1976 Psykosomatisk medicin – Psykosomaattista lääketiedettä

1972 Symposium om cancer