Can people who have received a research grant also work?

Yes, they can. On the application form the grant recipient should include how long he or she is expecting to do research with the aid of the grant. If the recipient is a part-time researcher, he or she should estimate how long the research project will last and how long he or she expects to be absent from work. Additional information on a person’s leave of absence can be obtained from The Farmer’s Social Insurance Institution (MELA) at: www.mela.fi.

Can a person apply to the Foundation for a grant if he or she has also applied for a grant elsewhere, but does not yet know whether the other grant has been approved?

Yes, he or she can.

What is meant by the sentence “Grants must be applied for individually.”?

Grants are primarily meant for research by an individual rather than for the general expenses of an institution. If an applicant wishes to include university costs, these expenses should be listed under “other costs” on the grant application. If the listed costs exceed EUR 2000, they should be itemized in the research plan.

How is the report made?

Check the section grant reports on the Foundation’s website. It has separate report forms for research grants and for professional training and project grants.

Which report form should I use?

The research report form should only be chosen for reporting the information pertinent to a research project. The report form for professional training and project grants is filled out when a grant has been received for a course (which can also include travel to and from the course location), a publication project, or for some other reason.

Is a per diem allowance approved as part of travel expenses?

No, it is not approved.