Villa Gyllenberg - a meeting place for art and cultural history. We aim to create inspirational experiences in interaction with the audience.

The purpose and aim of the museum

Our aim is to maintain Signe and Ane Gyllenberg’s cultural heritage and art collection as well as to increase it. Villa Gyllenberg operates in the donor couple’s former home in Kuusisaari, West Helsinki (Kuusisaarenpolku 11, 00340 Helsinki). Villa Gyllenberg is a private museum, it is maintained by the Signe and Ane Gyllenberg Foundation.

Villa Gyllenberg is a meeting place for art, knowledge and experiences. We want to create a dialog with the audience by offering fine art exhibitions of our permanent collection as well as current theme exhibitions.

Villa Gyllenberg is an attractive 30-year old museum with a display that follows the chronological order of the eras of art history. The building has maintained the feel of a private home. The older part of the museum, the private home of Signe and Ane, holds several elements and interior design details, which were designed by Ane himself.

The museum technology has been renewed and the art collection is displayed in order of art movements. It has a café with views to Laajalahti. The museum also hosts concerts on a regular basis, the gallery has outstanding acoustics for musical performances.